Congenital Star, Congenital Badass – “Notorious” Nick Newell Destroys Opponent at XFC 15

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    Nick (center) Abi (Right of Nick in Grey) and Friends

    In following Nick Newell throughout his career, we've seen a pattern: those that don't know him doubt him or feel bad for him, and those that know him feel bad for his opponent.

    Each promotion he is a part of immediately focuses on his handicap of missing half his arm since birth. Nick then goes and tells them that it's no worry, he doesn't know what it's like to have two arms. When fight time comes, and Nick starts to walk to his domain, you immediately see the fire in his eyes. Then you look at his opponent, who's either doubting himself by now, or has a look of complete focus and faith. The opponent's look doesn't matter, however, because Nicks about to shatter it.

    Five Submissions, one TKO finish, zero losses, makes Nick the shark in the water jiu-jitsu masters speak of, and the man on the feet that you don't want to test. So who's next? Last night "Notorious" finished yet another opponent with a heel hook in round 1, at XFC 15 in Tampa, Florida. His opponent, who hasn't lost a bout in well over a year, was coming off of a three fight winning streak, looking to make Nick his fourth in a row. Nick wouldn't have it, and quickly disposed of the new challenger.

    XFC 15 was a tribute event honoring the late Abi Mestre, who was Nicks long-time friend and training partner. Abi was in a contractual agreement to fight for XFC, but he got into a motorcycle accident on the way home from training; an accident that took his life. As he can only watch from above, he recently saw his friend Nick Newell step up to the plate, and represent him in great fashion.

    As Abi is, we in New England are proud of the kid who is "Notorious" for finishing some of the best fighters around. We'll continue to follow the career of the most questioned, most underestimated, soon to be one of the most well known 155'ers in the world.

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      1. So true… Nice write up. Congrats Nick – you’re a hell of a fighter, and a true inspiration to many! Keep it up!

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